Play as two gladiators ready to fight to escape from a crazy TV game!


End of 2nd year project (2D Beat them all)

Made in two and a half months

Team of 9 peoples

Twitch integration (vote for the host’s power up in the chat)

Xbox controller required

April-June 2018



Grand Jury Prize

Prize for Technical Direction



  • Ben Fiquet, CEO – Art Director chez Lizardcube (WonderBoy : The dragon’s trap)

  • Sylvain Hellio, Music & Sound Designer chez Mana Cube (Dungeon Monsters)

  • Pia Jacqmart, Lead Narrative Designer chez Cyanide studio (Call of Cthulhu)

  • Mathieu Labelle, Co-Founder et Game Designer chez Concrete Games (Wonder Shot, Hyperun, Grotoro)

  • Jordan Layani, Co-Founder chez Sloclap et Design Director chez Ubisoft (Absolver, Ghost Recon : Future Soldier, Watch Dogs)

  • Alexandre Marache, UI Designer chez Cyanide studio et Ubisoft (Styx: Shards of Darkness, Call of Cthulhu, Spacehulk: Tactics)

  • Valérian Robert, Level Designer chez Quantic Dream et Ubisoft (Beyond Two Souls, Detroit: Become Human)

  • Marc Sevillano, Technical Director chez DotEmu et Ooblada (Riddle Stones, Treasure Madness)

  • Yoann Laala, Senior Developer chez GoPro, Cyanide Studio et Quantic Dream (Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain)



Game Design

Leonardo Montes

Paul Muller

Clément Payen


Nicolas Fontes

Mattéo Italiani

Guillaume Newton


Sandy Chhun

Théo Droulez

Music/Sound Design

Benjamin Thomas