In a freezing post-apocalyptic world, you must defend your precious payload against merciless hordes of enemies!


Made in less than two months for our third year’s VR project.

Team of 6 peoples.

I worked on the Game Design and I did all the Graphics.

Running on Unreal Engine 4.

Sadly, because of a lack of involvment in the project on the programming side,
the game did not reach the expected level of quality in time.

A lot of features and assets were not implemented, including a 10 minutes long story-line.

March-April 2019



Game Design

Leonardo Montes

Timothy Sharpe

Rémy Vandendyck


José Manuel Chao Catala

Lubin Groussat

Matthieu Ronarc’h


Leonardo Montes

Music & Sound Design

Timothy Sharpe