In a dystopian world, where people's wills are designed by conglomerates, your job is to expose the deviants : those who do not fit the norm.



Made in a month for a Makey-Makey school project

Narrative-detective game with use of a custom controller

January 2018



Leonardo Montes

Concept, Story, Lore, Art, Programming, UI/UX

Simon Larguier

Concept, Story

Paul Muller

Concept, Controller

Aram Tab

Concept, Lore


Why ? How ?

This game was made as part of a school assignment. We were asked to make a game using a custom MakeyMakey controller. In groups of four, we had a month to make it on our free time.

The original concept made by Simon Larguier, Paul Muller and Aram Tab (I wasn't there) was way more "family friendly" and educational. After I was briefed, I made this little scene (inspired by a shot from the movie Skyfall). The tone became way darker and we decided to go towards something more dystopian. Inspired by Brave New World1984 and Blade Runner, we changed the concept a bit and started working on the game.

My three classmates had internship, meaning that they could not work a lot on this game. By the way, we had other bigger school project to work on at the time, and this was supposed to be more of an anecdotal project I think. Anyway, I did not have internship, so I was able to work for two weeks on it. This explains why I did most of the work.

Aram made the lore (to which I added some details). Simon made the character "Mr. Jones". He and I had to rewrite it a bit as the mood was now darker (more of a torture scenario than a simple appointment with a psychologist). And Paul made the MakeyMakey controller.

The controller is a model of a human brain. The player needs to put a needle in the right part of the brain to stimulate the said part. Because of the lack of time, we only shipped the demo with five areas and one needle. Ultimately, we would have liked to have a more tools and brain regions to toy with. Anyway, we wouldn't have had the time to write characters that use all of inputs.

For the art, I used photogrammetry to scan Simon and Paul. I did that to save time modeling the characters. I did not use the textures generated by this technic. It was way easier to just create a quick more lore-accurate texture with Substance Painter (we didn't have costumes or anything, I asked Simon to fold his arms so that it would look like a straitjacket). I modeled everything else with Blender. Everything was textured using Substance Painter.

I used a lot of shaders to make cool looking effects, like the electroencephalogram, the printer, the eye or just the TVs. It was a lot of fun making all of this and I am quite pride with the result. I used a few open source post-processing effects for the TV and the global look of the game (like the anamorphic lens flares).

For the scenario, I made a simple node editor coupled with a scriptable object. This allowed me to implement the character very quickly after Simon wrote it. It was also very easy to add new nodes to the mix, like some to project pictures on the wall.

January 18th, we presented the demo above. Our teachers were very impressed, and they told us that it was on the same level of the graduations projects (we are still two years from it).

If you want to know more about this project or some of the technics used to make it, contact me! Anyway, here are some screenshot showing some things I was talking about earlier.